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Management and Marketing for Service Providers
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Modern Management

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Project Planning and Project Management

The necessity to restructure the company as well as the necessity for product and service innovation and the fast development of markets require to work more and more task- and project-oriented. Often, the organisation in total is not flexible enough to take care of these tasks fast and efficiently. Therefore, an organisation of work with the help of project teams can be an alternative to the work within fixed department structures in the organisation’s hierarchy.

Outline of Contents
This seminar introduces methods of efficient, project-oriented working. Project management is a way to plan, steer and control projects. It serves to structure the complexity of a project into individual activities and tasks and to steer, execute and co-ordinate them.
Project definition and successful project management
Analysis of an existing problem, analysis of causes and
consequences of the situation and definition of objectives
Development of a project strategy and planning of its realisation
Definition of tasks, activities and milestones
Project organisation and definition of responsibilities
Definition of necessary prerequisites of successful project
Planning of resources and capacities
Risk management
Project management and Controlling

In this workshop a project planning method, based on the Logical Framework Approach as well as other planning instruments will be introduced. A major part of this workshop will be held in the form of team work and discussions. The participants shall gather their own experience with this planning instrument by applying it in the workshop. Additionally, experts will discuss practical experiences

Target Group
Experts, acting as project manager or working as a team member for a project

Presenting project planning results


Nowadays, good ideas are essential to cope with the various challenges of business. But even the best idea is of little use, if it does not get the chance to be realised. Companies need employees who are willing to leave the trodden path and are open for new ways of thinking in order to develop new approaches to problem solving.
The ability of the management and the employees to react to new challenges in a creative and innovative way will in future more and more become the competitive edge of the company.
This innovative training programme shows the participants how they can develop their own creativity with suitable techniques and methods, how the creativity potential of teams can be furthered and how they can transfer good ideas into innovations.

Outline of Contents
Free creativity exercises
Verbal creativity
Strategies for problem solving
Presentation and work techniques
Active listening
Role plays
Exercises in association
Use the power of the sub-conscience
Walt Disney Technique
Creative problem solving in teams

The participants will led to their own creativity by introduction to techniques and methods, informal discussions, animations, and especially by active participation in different workshops.

Target Group
This workshop aims at middle and top management, who want to encourage their teams to work in an innovative manner by developing their own creativity.


Company Development

This seminar gives an insight into the different aspects of co-operation within the company as well as with customers. The employees and the co-operation of individual employees and different departments are the key to successful business development. The main instrument of leadership and co-operation is communication. Crucial for success is communication not only in the normal work procedures but as well in planning and realisation of change processes: information, explanation, reasoning, strategies, problems and consequences have to be clarified in advance.

Outline of Contents
Practice oriented and up-to-date knowledge as well as latest developments in marketing, customer relationship, and concepts for business development will be introduced. The participants will experience the benefit of effective co-operation between the different company departments. They will understand the role of communication in co-operation and in conflict management.
The company –
- What is our position of the company today
- What do we want to reach? What is our strategic objective?
- Who are our clients?
- What do we expect from our company?
- What do the share holders expect?
- Relationship with clients / customers
- Instruments or marketing: the classical marketing mix;
special marketing measures
- Internal realisation of marketing
Organisation and leadership
- Co-operation between different departments and employees:
co-operation instead of competition and confrontation
- Organisation of profit centres
- Styles of leadership and their consequences:
Control, self responsibility, definition of objectives, fault
tolerance, motivation of employees
- Conflict management

Lectures will alternate with case studies and workshops. Practical examples as well as team work exercises with presentation of the results will complete the seminar

Target Group
This workshop is elaborated for middle level managers and experts of all company departments.

Marketing and Strategic Planning

A very important aspect of work under market economic conditions concerns the relationship between the port and its customers. The importance of marketing as a management task to be actively pursued cannot be underestimated. In the seminar the participants awareness and understanding of promotion of port and shipping service and marketing systems will be deepened by applying general marketing concepts to the transport industry.

Outline of Contents
Beginning from strategical considerations of questions like
what is the position of the company today and where do we
want to be in future?
When do we want to reach our future position and which
resources are available to reach our goal?
different aspects of marketing and strategical planning will be explained. The following aspects will be taken care of:
Analysis of the external environment and of own abilities:
SWOT analysis
Definition of strategical objectives of the company
Marketing planning and budgeting
Demand forecasting
The classical marketing mix – the 4 P’s
Special marketing measures
Analysis of the clients’ structure
Service mix strategy for clients
Marketing organisation
Marketing control
International marketing

Target Group
Marketing professionals from the port, shipping and transport industries

Management and Marketing for Service Providers

Today’s fast changing and increasingly linked markets demand flexible, creative marketing. A strong customer orientation and tailor-made services are required.
In times of hard competition the recognition of signals and the resulting marketing measures are major tasks in a company. Also, the realisation that customers determine the economic success of companies and that it is not only the marketing and sales department in a company who form the image of the company is of importance. The technical and operations departments, the service, and the management also influence the attitude of the clients towards the company through their behaviour and understanding of customer needs. Important is not one time sale of services, but long-term customer relationships.

Outline of Contents
The following topics will be dealt with
- Development of service portfolios
- Tools and methods of marketing
Communication with each other and relationship with customers
- Customer Relationship Management
- Communication
New media and their application in a company
- Integration of e-business into existing structures
New technological developments in the areas of e.g. port,
transport, logistics

Lectures and theoretical introductions will be backed up by case studies and practical examples. The participants will work in teams and elaborate their own cases.

Target Group
This seminar is elaborated for managers and executives of the top and middle level, who want to gain a comprehensive overview over methods, tools and internal realisation of marketing, new trends in management and latest technological developments.

Working on a case study

Management Skills and Knowledge for Engineers and Technicians

In this seminar, economic and managerial basic knowledge, aspects of strategic management and management techniques are introduced. The interrelationships within the company and conflicting objectives which occur in management are illustrated. At the same time, the process of decision making, efficient dealing with information and appropriate leadership are furthered.

Outline of Contents
Executives and managers substantially contribute to the success of the company. Not only professional and technical skills, but also the understanding of economic items and leadership of sub-ordinates are essential for successful management of a department. Therefore, the following topics are addressed in this seminar:
Strategical company development
Financial management and controlling
Personnel development and organisation

Experts and practitioners introduce the theoretical basics of business administration in lectures and illustrate them by giving practical examples. Team work and case studies will deepen the understanding of the participants. Interactive and participative work and permanent discussion with the lecturers will be the basis of the seminar.

Target Group
The seminar addresses managers with technical or engineering education, who want to acquire deeper knowledge in management and economics.

Lively discussion during a management game

Modern Management

In changing economic environments the modern manager on the one hand has to know how the different company divisions co-operate and on the other hand understand, which influence the different types and personalities of employees have on the company success in total.
In this seminar, different topics will be dealt with. Basics of strategic planning and strategic marketing will be discussed and their applicability in reality investigated as well as so called “Soft Skills” – leadership, motivation, communication, emotional intelligence, creativity and self management.

Outline of Contents
Business development and strategic planning
Modern marketing management
Leadership and communication
Innovation and creativity
Self management

Introductory lectures will be backed up by practical case studies and exercises. The participants will work in team work and workshops.

Target Group
This workshop addresses managers and executives of middle and top management from all company departments